001: Kurdish Lattice Rug

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Image of red Kurdish floral lattice rug. Surrounding text describes motifs and design of Persian rug.

Kurdish Weavers

Kurdish weavers traditionally use bright colors, which mimic the bright colors of the plains and mountains encountered during migratory passages.
Besides an area in the north of Iraq, Kurds have no national borders but inhabit vast areas throughout the mountainous regions throughout Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Smaller numbers reside in Armenia and the former Soviet Azerbaijan, as well as Syria and Turkmenistan.

We sourced our information from two wonderful and informative books in our shop library. We use both Oriental Rugs by Murray L. Eiland Jr. and Murray Eiland III & Antique Rugs of Kurdistan by James D. Burns as references regularly.

If you’d like to check more Kurdish rugs, you can here on our site, in our Kurdish Collection.

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