Featured Artist Interview : Emma Welty

return to our site We are very excited to have textile artist Emma Welty as our sixth artist. She is a researcher and weaver who focuses in on her relationship to the loom through craft legacies, inherited muscle memory and the links between textiles and language. Scroll down to read the interview, learn about her process andContinue reading “Featured Artist Interview : Emma Welty”

002: Armenian Kakavik Rug

return to our site Armenian Rugs Armenian rugs tend to feature¬†more¬†curvilinear floral designs, with¬†elaborate blossoms. They were traditionally created for the Russian markets, who tended to favor these types of designs. Partridges (kakavik, pronounced gugku-veek) hold an important place in Armenian culture. They are featured often in Armenian poetry, and can be used for ceremonial purposes. Continue reading “002: Armenian Kakavik Rug”