Checking in with Heirloom artist: Andrew Boos

We are very excited to catch up with textile artist Andrew Boos. Andrew is a New York-based contemporary rug weaver, who takes inspiration from the world around him to create highly intricate rugs. It’s been a couple years since Andrew helped us kick off this project and we hope you are as excited as usContinue reading “Checking in with Heirloom artist: Andrew Boos”

Featured Artist Interview : Isa Rodrigues

We are very excited to have textile artist Isa Rodrigues as our ninth artist. Isa is a textile artist and educator currently based in Brooklyn but who grew up on the coast of Portugal. She is a founding member and Co-Executive Director of the Textile Arts Center, an important resource for both the local and broader textileContinue reading “Featured Artist Interview : Isa Rodrigues”

Featured Artist Interview : Jessica Elena Aquino

We are very excited to have textile artist Jessica Elena Aquino as our eighth artist. Her work draws from her relationship to nature, memory, mythology and cultural iconography to create beautiful sculptural weavings and tapestries.  Scroll down to read the interview, learn about her process and enjoy photos of Jessica’s studio. How did you first get involved in theContinue reading “Featured Artist Interview : Jessica Elena Aquino”

Featured Artist Interview : Emma Welty

return to our site We are very excited to have textile artist Emma Welty as our sixth artist. She is a researcher and weaver who focuses in on her relationship to the loom through craft legacies, inherited muscle memory and the links between textiles and language. Scroll down to read the interview, learn about her process andContinue reading “Featured Artist Interview : Emma Welty”

Featured Artist Interview : Jessica Vitucci

return to our site We are very excited to have embroidery artist Jessica Vitucci as our second artist of the project. Stemming from a background in weaving, she began to cut up the wovens she was making, introducing an element of play into her practice. From there, enjoying a new movement that was less linear thenContinue reading “Featured Artist Interview : Jessica Vitucci”

Featured Artist Interview : Andrew Boos

return to our site We are ecstatic to have weaver Andrew Boos kick off our Contemporary project. We are long-time fans of Andrew’s work and love his ability to weave such beautiful and serene textiles. Andrew weaves distinctive kilims often using naturally hand-dyed wool on looms of his own construction.  What first drew you to the world ofContinue reading “Featured Artist Interview : Andrew Boos”

009: Tibetan Ganesha Rug

return to our site A Brief History of Tibet Historically the areas designated as Tibet were within the Himalayan plateau, a region defined by a high-altitude ecosystem surrounded within the largest and most forbidding mountain ranges in the world. The Tibetan peoples were primarily a semi nomadic people that were distinct from their largely agrarian Chinese and Indian/NepaliContinue reading “009: Tibetan Ganesha Rug”

007: Navajo Yei Rug

return to our site Early History of The Navajo People Early Navajo descendants crossed over into Alaska from Asia around 25,000 years ago and eventually migrated into the Southwest some 600 – 800 years ago. There they encountered the Pueblo, who had been living there for thousands of years, whom they called Anasazi (Ancient Ones). From them, they learnedContinue reading “007: Navajo Yei Rug”

005: Antique Mina Khani Baluch Rug

return to our site The Baluch Baluch refers to a people that span from eastern Iran, into western Afghanistan and reaching throughout Pakistan and into the Punjab state of India. They are composed of many distinct groups that share common language, culture and customs. Traditionally they were mostly nomadic but currently many have adapted to settled life. The highest quality weaving,Continue reading “005: Antique Mina Khani Baluch Rug”